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Lisa M. - Richmond Hill

"Thanks to Mortgage Maven, I was able to pay my taxes that had fallen behind. I was in big trouble with the tax department as they where 3 years in arrears if i didnt get the cash I needed I would have been on the street!! The Mortgage Maven came though quickly and I was able to maintain my dignity and my home.


Thank You Mortgage Maven"

Benny C. - Toronto

I had $60,000 in credit debt my monthly payments where killing me I had gone to the banks for a line of credit and was turned down so many times but The Mortgage Maven came thourgh.


Thank you Ben

Lucy F. - Barrie

We had just sold the family home and we needed downpayment to purchase our new home because it was closing sooner then we expected. The Mortgage Maven got us the the money in record time with such professionalism. 


Thank you Lucy

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